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The Chinese customs cancelled the entry-exit nucleic acid declaration requirements, and the embassy
Author:canadaboqiao           Time:2022-08-26 07:50:42

On August 25, the General Administration of Customs of China announced that according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control at ports, the ninth edition of the people's Republic of China entry / exit health declaration card will be launched at 00:00 on August 31. At that time, all Internet declaration channels, such as health declaration card, wechat applet declaration, Internet webpage declaration and palm Shanghai Customs app, will simultaneously enable the new version of declaration function.

The changes of the optimized entry / exit health declaration card are as follows:

1. The requirements for declaration of nucleic acid test information, previous infection and vaccination date of entry-exit personnel are cancelled.

2. The items that were easy to be questioned by the entry-exit personnel in the past have been improved or adjusted to facilitate the entry-exit personnel to understand and fill in.

3. The function of online confirmation of informed consent for sampling is added to make it more convenient for inbound and outbound passengers to simplify the on-site quarantine process, jointly do a good job in the front-line health and quarantine work at the port, and protect the health and safety of the motherland and people behind.

Recently, the Chinese Embassy and Consulate General in Canada and the Chinese Consulate General in Montreal have once again updated the general visa requirements for Canada to China.

The biggest change is the first:

Before update: visa invitation letter from relevant Chinese authorities is required for applying for business and visiting visas.

The main issuers of visa invitation letters are central and state organs, provincial foreign affairs and commerce departments, central enterprises and prefectural and municipal foreign affairs departments.

Updated: you can apply only with the invitation of domestic business partners or relevant units.

As for overseas students, they can apply for visas by virtue of the application form, the school admission notice, etc., which is not available in the previous notice.

In addition, according to the prevention and control plan for novel coronavirus pneumonia (version 9) issued by the National Health Commission, the isolation and control time of close contacts and entry personnel is adjusted from "14 days of centralized isolation medical observation + 7 days of home health monitoring" to "7 days of centralized isolation medical observation + 3 days of home health monitoring"

According to the announcement made by Li Jiachao, chief executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the quarantine measures will be relaxed to shorten the isolation time of arrivals from overseas or Taiwan, China via the airport. Now it is "3 + 4", and the quarantine hotel will be isolated for 3 days and 4 days for home medical supervision.