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On the education system of middle school in an Province

Ontario high school in Canada is set in grades 9-12, which is equivalent to the junior to senior three in China. The credit system is implemented in senior high school education, and one credit will be charged for each course. At least 30 credits (18 compulsory and 12 elective) are required from grade 9-12
Curriculum arrangement: 18 compulsory courses: english-4 / mathematics-3 / science-2 / french-1 / geography of canada-1 / history of canada-1 / ART-1 / health and sports-1 / career planning-0.5 / civics-0.5 / the other three credits can be (English, sports, science, social science, business, art, etc.) 12 elective courses: English, third language, mathematics, social science and humanities, sports can be selected , arts, Canadian and world history, science or technology, business, etc.
Graduation note: to obtain the Ontario high school diploma (OSSD), the following conditions must be met:
1. English reading and writing ability test for high school students in Ontario, which is often referred to as the onslt (Ontario Secondary School proficiency test): if they fail, they can take part in the Ontario Secondary School proficiency course
2. 40 hour community volunteer service
3. 30 high school credits (18 compulsory credits, 12 elective credits)
About volunteers (40 hours of community service, so what exactly should we do?)
Students can accumulate community activity hours from the summer vacation before entering grade 9. The criteria for completing the specified number of hours are as follows:
1. Supporting non-profit organizations, offices, institutions or funds
2. To coach, help, teach to assist others
3. To help an association, religious organization, artistic or cultural association, or political organization
4. Publicity of environmental protection awareness
5. Do community friendly activities
6. Do activities that benefit the individual