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Maclean's ranking of Canadian universities in 2023 was released
Author:canadaboqiao           Time:2022-10-12 08:47:58

The annual authoritative Canadian magazine, Maclean's Magazine, released the latest ranking of Canadian universities in 2023. This ranking is the most authoritative for the University of Canada, and also provides an important reference for the young partners who are going to study in Canada.

The ranking indicators mainly include the following five items:

● Students: 20%

● Faculty: 20%

● Resources: 22%

● Student support: 18%

● Reputation: 20%

Let's take a look at this year's rankings:

1、 Ranking of Canada's Best Universities in 2023

University of Toronto first, University of Waterloo second, UBC third

2、 2023 Ranking of Canada's Highest Quality Universities

McGill University first, University of Toronto second, University of Waterloo third

3、 2023 Ranking of Canada's Most Innovative Universities

University of Waterloo first, University of Toronto second, UBC third

4、 2023 Ranking of Canada's Future Leading Universities

University of Toronto first, UBC second, McGill third, University of Waterloo fourth

Macaulin's ranking divides Canadian universities into three categories: medical doctoral, comprehensive and basic. The difference between them is that medical doctoral universities have medical schools and medical courses, and provide doctoral courses and research, which is relatively large. The difference between comprehensive and medical doctoral programs is small, and the scale is smaller than that of medical doctoral universities, which also provide master's and doctoral programs. Basic universities mainly focus on this science.

Let's take a look at the ranking released this year

Medical Doctor:

McGill University first, Toronto University second, UBC University third


Simon Fraser University first, Victoria University second, Waterloo University third

Basic class

First University of Monte Allison, Second University of Northern British Columbia, Third University of St. Mary