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Canada boqiao Education Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful city of Toronto. With its professional and precise business philosophy, the company is positioned as a "one-stop service brand for international education studying abroad in Canada", which is unique in the subdivision field of international education studying abroad.
In recent years, we have set up offices in Toronto, Canada. We have set up our Chinese administrative headquarters in Shanghai, and set up many student service branches in universities such as Saskatchewan, Alberta, Vancouver, etc. to provide "nanny" follow-up services for our customers. It is our core service concept to reassure every parent, every student and every partner.
So far, we have formed a core business centering on "international education and study abroad in Canada", expanded the immigration service projects for the later period of overseas students, international class joint school running projects, increased the investment in China Canada Education real industry projects, and expanded and strengthened the whole chain business of international education and study abroad in Canada in the spirit of specialty. Welcome your cooperation!

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Medical Doctoral


The aim of training talents is to cultivate students' personality, so that every young student has a sound personality. He is an honest and upright "person", who loves the nation, the country, the right and the wrong, and has sentiment.

                            BOQIAO  EDUCATION


Primarily Undergraduate

Our teaching philosophy



All round personalized evaluation

Through the analysis of recent examination papers and the evaluation of learning personality factors, we can accurately find out the weak links, and develop personalized learning strategies, so as to facilitate the follow-up targeted guidance

Analysis of learning status

This paper analyzes the current learning situation of students from the aspects of learning attitude, method, time management and society, which lays the foundation for making guidance and enrollment plans;

Individualized counseling program

According to the loopholes of the students' knowledge points, the mistakes and shortcomings of their study habits, a complete general plan for the subject's score raising is formulated;

All round service



Our faculty

We have many years of teaching experience, professional proficient, knowledgeable team. It is humorous in the business, can combine the teaching content with the practice, and often asks questions in the way of induction and inquiry in the teaching, so as to enhance the students' ability to analyze, explain and practice. Can make the majority of English learners in listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation, get rapid improvement, teaching humor, good at interactive communication with students. The detailed and stimulating teaching process can greatly enhance students' confidence in learning and make them understand and master English knowledge in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

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